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Your Guide to Cloud Adoption - Cloud Computing brings tremendous opportunity, but also hype and confusion. 'To the Cloud' cuts through the noise using a clear 4 step framework to cloud adoption.
'This book takes on enterprise cloud adoption to a level I've never seen before -- made even more elegant with its structured framework and crisp approach.' - Anthony D. Christie, CMO, Level 3 Communications (Former CTO/CIO, Global Crossing)
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Explore cloud computing to understand its promise and challenges

Cloud computing is a hot topic in the blogosphere, but what exactly is it, and what is its potential? Chapter 1 of To the Cloud deciphers enterprise cloud computing, and examines its value proposition so you can begin conversations on how your business might take advantage of cloud capabilities.

» envision

Envision how cloud computing can transform your organization

So you want to go to the cloud. How do you enlist key stakeholders up to the executive level in the process of identifying where, when, and how cloud technologies may benefit your business? Chapter 2 gives practical advice for developing a business case and building consensus.

» enable

Enable your organization with the necessary resources and skills

Adopting the cloud will mean changes. How do you get ready? Chapter 3 explains the pros and cons of various adoption approaches, including which applications you should migrate first, who should do the work, and how you may need to upgrade your organization.

» execute

Execute the design, development, and operation of cloud workloads

Delving deeper, Chapter 4 explains how the cloud affects design principles for enterprise architectures, applications, and security. Also examined is how development, deployment, and operations activities shift, how to monitor cloud services, and disaster recovery concerns. It closes with a discussion of how to measure success and track ROI.